Toughest son of a bitch,/rock star/ dragon warrior/mage you'll ever meet.


Draco Battle Sorceror 4 (like sorceror but better HD and BAB, and light armor, but I lose one spell known and spell per day per caster progression) Draconic Bloodline (Gold) CN Str 14 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 12 Wis 7 Cha 20 (including +2 human and +2 cloak)

Gear: +1 chain shirt +1 spear longsword light xbow cloak of cha +2 scroll of identify scroll of mage armor scroll of silent image scroll of unseen servant scroll of reduce person scroll of fly wand of burning hands (4) misc gear

skill ranks Knowl arcana 4 (+8) Bluff 4 (+12) Intimidate 3 (+11) spellcraft 4 (+8) UMD 1 (+9)

Feats Combat Reflexes, Arcane Strike, Still Spell

Spells Cantrips Arcane mark acid splatter detect magic prestigitation open/close mage hand

level 1 (7 a day) magic missile mage armor shield burning hands

level 2 (3 a day) scorching ray

Hp: 40 AC: 18 FF:116 T:12 F+3 R+3 W+2 Init +2 BAB +3 Spear +6 (1d8+5) light xbow +5 (1d8) longsword +5 (1d8+3) {marked top to bottom with draconic style runes} Languages: Common, Draconic

Overall description: At first glance, Draco looks like an average infantry warrior because of his gear and physical build. A closer look brings to recognition his very tan skin (native american style), long hair and smooth face. Those who care to look on find a freaky dude with red eyes and almost misshapen hands. He exudes confidence wit his bold stance and gestures even under normal circumstances. Hanging around Draco for a while gives you a foreboding feeling, like he will be the death of you, but you follow him anyway because you believe that no matter what happens, it’s gonna be awesome.


The name’s Draco. No last name, he’s a one name, one dragon mage spectacle. Raw magic runs through his veins, though discipline and restraint does not. Truly impulsive and showy, Drake is brash and lacks both foresight and hindsight. He studied at a magic academy for a while, though he preferred to “wing it” than engage in actual study. Other magic users often berated and bested him, so he decided to become the toughest bastard with blades, armor, and arcane prowess. Mom is actually whore who paid no attention to him, so “son of a bitch” is factual but doesn’t bother him. In fact,tell Jezebel that Draco sent you and you get a discount. Father is unknown but he suspects him to be a former general (bastard trait) famous for his fearful claw like hands, that was promised a lot of land, but after dieing in combat the claim was “mysteriously lost”. This was of course, Erdrick the legendary Dragon Warrior. His claim to fame is a ring Erdrick left behind with his signet at mom’s nightstand. Drake uses that Signet as his Arcane mark(a mix between Prince’s symbol and that tattoo that Girard from OOTS has), which he uses all the time. Mom pawned the ring recently so Draco decided to take manners into his own hands (or claws) and has been hounding the local aristocracy to acknowledge his claim. After a while of his convincing, and the fact that they were sick of him, they put him on track for the Stolen Lands. Time to spread the fame of Draco throughout the land.


Kingmaker Ranzunar