Alaric Faust

Half-Elf Ranger, focused on ranged combat and the ways of the forest.


Alaric Faust is the Half-Elf Adopted son of Ekhard Faust, a noble of the Medvyed family. Raised in the capital city of New Stetven, Alaric did not see much outside of the city. Alaric was schooled to be a politician, but he never showed interest in it. He was much more intrigued in the nature-centric roots of his adoptive family and his Forest Elf ancestry.

Upon reaching manhood, Alaric moved in with a distant uncle who lived in Gronzi forest, an old hermit living in the old ways, to some disdain from his parents. However, they eventually understood his will and gave him their blessing. He spent the almost two years living with the hermit Rolf Lehrer and becoming a child of the forest, understanding its ways, learning to live off the land, and becoming an excellent hunter. Alaric eventually accepted the ways of The Green Faith; through meditation he understood nature and its ways, respecting it through and through.

One day Rolf told him that word had come from the city that the noble families were sending adventurers off into the Greenbelt to attempt the formation of civilized nations. Rolf advised Alaric to join this mission, as he could learn much more and do more good by exploring and taming those lands. Alaric wholeheartedly agreed, and began his journey.

Alaric Faust

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