The Water Rat

God of rivers and river travel
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Death, Travel, Water
Favored Weapon: trident

Some legends say that Hanspur was once a mortal priest of Gozreh; murdered in his sleep by a traveling companion, he was raised by his god as an unstable guardian of the waterways. True or not, Hanspur is said to ply the Sellen River from its northernmost point to where it empties into the Inner Sea, using the guise of a common riverman and sometimes accompanied by a pet dire rat. Grizzled and damp, he is usually dour and speaks little, though he can be quite friendly to those who respect the river. His doctrine comprises the Six River Freedoms and includes only a few other simple statements about the changing nature of things, how life is a river, and death on the water is a good end to an honorable, simple life. He dislikes dams that completely block a river, though ones that merely divert it or create a reservoir with an exit f low are acceptable.

Hanspur’s faithful sometimes build driftwood shrines on the shore, or even f loat them downriver on small rafts. When a worshiper builds a temporary raft, it is customary to set it loose afterward to follow the river so that someone farther south might find it in a time of need. His priests have no set uniform, but tend to wear waterproofed, short-legged pants, and waterproofed ponchos (which can double as tent cloth or small sails), and often go barefoot. Most are proficient fishermen, whether using nets or poles. They make sacrifices to their god by drowning animals, unwanted infants, or convicted criminals (though evil priests are said to murder in his name, especially to prevent disastrous f loods). The Water Rat’s priests are highly transient and rarely stay in one settlement for more than a few days, trading news, magic, and mail in exchange for goods and shelter. Some hire themselves as guides or steersmen.

The great shrine of Hanspur stands on the northern shore of the Kallas Lake bordering the River Kingdoms and Kyonin. Technically a dozen rafts lashed together, it is home to a tiny community of priests, with its membership (and component rafts) changing on a weekly basis.

Hanspur’s priests are clerics, druids, or rangers. His druids may prepare water walk as a 3rd-level spell, and his rangers may prepare water breathing as a 2nd-level spell. Most druids and rangers have dire rat animal companions, though some prefer donkey rats, fish, frogs, otters, or even swimming snakes.


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