The Angry Hag

Goddess of hatred, extortion, and spite
Alignment: CE
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness
Favored Weapon: dagger

Gyronna’s origin is uncertain, and few entities care to treat with her for any length of time to find out the truth. Some believe she may have once been a creature of the First World, cast out for some infraction against a fey queen. Others say she was born a green hag and became a favored priestess of Lamashtu, gaining divinity from some ancient pact. Still others suggest she was a rival or rebellious child of Baba Yaga, banished to a far land until her penance was paid. The goddess and her worshipers don’t speak of her past and like to single out those who ask too many questions.

The goddess only allows females into her priesthood, and attracts the castaways and undesirables of society—those suspected of witchcraft, adulterous wives, old prostitutes, and so on. The Riverfolk fear her clergy for their ability to poison the minds of others with hate, turning friends against each other and making enemies out of allies (though they are not above knif ing someone in an alley if it suits their purposes). They have been known to swap infants for demon-tainted creatures from their own horrid wombs (though it is unknown if these corrupted offspring are the norm for them, the result of evil magic, or require actual demonic couplings). They seem to only exist to prey on others, demanding coins from passersby, harassing solitary travelers with verbal and magical curses, and making visitors feel unwelcome; most Riverfolk pay the hags a few coppers to be left alone and move on. Gyronna has no book of scripture—at least, none has been found on any priestess’s corpse.

Her priestesses favor loose black smocks, typically ragged at the bottom (called a “shabble” by Riverfolk). Some priestesses claim to have the “evil eye,” and an unusual number of them have a bulging, bloodshot eye which appears to be the point of origin of their cast spells.

Gyronna’s followers do not build temples, only small shrines throughout the land where offerings are left for her. The average shrine is just a pile of rocks topped with a fistsized, spherical stone inscribed with an iris and vein-like tracings. Some actually have a large cat’s eye gem instead of a common stone, and folk whisper that the goddess can see anyone near the stone—and curse those who dare defile the shrine or steal the gemstone.

Clerics of Gyronna may prepare eyebite as a 6th-level spell.


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